Friends of Wistaria Surgery - Working to benefit the health of patients and others in the community



Befriending Service
Gill Taunt is co-ordinating this service.
We have many more patients who would benefit from a befriender visiting occasionally.
Please contact Gill Taunt 07867 229 982 for more information.
More volunteers
always welcomed.

Working to benefit the health of patients and others in the community

Inaugurated in 2003, the 'Friends of Wistaria Surgery' is an independent voluntary organisation whose purpose is to organise social activities, to raise funds thereby  enabling the purchase of equipment for the Surgery not normally provided by the statutory authorities and to provide practical assistance such as help with the annual influenza clinics, maintaining the Surgery's garden etc.

Amongst its regular activities, the FoWS hold monthly coffee mornings in the Surgery's River Suite with talks on health and other topics of local interest, run fundraising events and hold occasional general meetings, with speakers from the medical profession. The events are publicised on the FoWS notice board in the Surgery's reception area and in
The FoWS newsletters.

The "Friends" also run a Befriending Service, which was set up in response to a need identified by the nurses and with the support of the Hampshire Good Neighbour Support Services. Befrienders offer a 'listening ear' to those living isolated lives through ill-health or the loss of a partner. There is a great need for such a service and the ability to meet this challenge is limited solely by the number of volunteers.

All activities take place in the spirit of 'fun and friendship' and there is a real sense of working in partnership with the Surgery to promote the welfare of patients.

Members of the FoWS can be as involved as they want to be. Many attend the social and fundraising events but do not get involved with the organisation, whereas others like to play a more active part. It is entirely up to the individual.

Friends of
Wistaria Surgery
is a registered charity
No 1107544

I recently met a charming 93 year old when I accompanied her Befriender on an afternoon visit, to find out more about the service. The hour passed with Mary (not her real name) very quickly as we talked over tea about her life and her experience of Befriending.   About 7 years ago, Mary found herself very lonely having lost her husband, her daughter and most of her friends. Her GP suggested she might like to have a regular visit from a FoWS Befriender. Mary agreed and a match was made with a carefully selected and checked volunteer. After a first meeting to see if they liked each other, the visits became a weekly event.
Mary told us of her many years as a school assistant and, in retirement, of her bowling - locally and at County level. She recalled her family life: daughter, son, her husband and her many grand and great-grandchildren. It was obvious that Mary really enjoys her visits, preferring one to-one contact rather than in a group, and sees the visits as a vital part of staying independent and happy in her own home.  What makes a good befriender,? Mary: "someone friendly with a good ear for listening".  What did Mary think of the Befriending service:  "If I were younger, it is something I would have loved to have done; I like people and chatting".                       

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